Is EOS an Ethereum Killer?


As we pointed out in What is EOS, EOS competes in the same space as Ethereum and potentially has numerous, major advantages. It could realistically be an “The killer of Ethereum”.

EOS has just begun its ICO and you can still purchase as an ICO, if you wish to find out more about it go here.

The easiest way to get in the game is through the two of the more popular cryptocurrency exchanges Bitfinex and Binance since It has just begun trading this month.

It is still in development and just began trading and as of this writing EOS is already the 14th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, trading at a $398 million market cap near $1.73 already.

The software behind EOS is also being designed to enable applications that don’t require blockchain users to pay for every transaction, making it possible to create freemium applications. This enables new blockchain users to get involved without having to navigate the complex process of purchasing a cryptocurrency.

Like Ethereum, EOS is a smart contract enabled hosting platform built for open-source projects and consumer-facing decentralized applications. It intends to take market share from Ethereum while promising a more scalable blockchain with usability for large-scale businesses.

EOS has already made an appearance in articles from The New York Times and Reuters.

Unlike Ethereum’s virtual machine which acts as a distributed global supercomputer, the platform is far simpler, allowing businesses to develop decentralized applications without a heavy technical background. This makes EOS a phenomenal tool for companies that are trying to control and monitor information flow without too many complications.

All of these traits should have Ethereum shaking in its boots.

Do you think EOS will be the Ethereum killer?

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Here is a pretty well articulated and informative video about EOS from a programmer: