Eye opening presentation on EOS and Delegated Proof of Stake


Every EOS investor needs to see this! Watch Thomas Cox, VP of Product for EOS.IO at block.one and Phil Mesnier, EOS Contributor and Partner at OCI giving an eye opening presentation on EOS and Delegated Proof of Stake on 11/19/17 at IIT Jump to: Thomas Cox Introduction – 0:33 Centralized Technology Platforms; Uber, Facebook, Airbnb – 4:30 Introduction to Decentralized Autonomous […]

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EOS.IO Heads to Shanghai for The 3rd Global Blockchain Summit 2017

Wanxiang Blockchain Labs has invited block.one and EOS.IO to headline the 3rd Annual Global Blockchain Summit 2017 in Shanghai this September, where CTO, Dan Larimer, and CEO, Brendan Blumer, will be speaking on a variety of topics. We are giving away a select number of conference passes to community members that would like to attend September 14th-16th and meet the […]

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Things about EOS you should know


Here are some important things you should know about EOS if you don’t want to miss out on the next big opportunity in the cryptocurrency space EOS is a new project being developed in part by Dan Larimer the technical designer behind Steem. EOS will enable smart contracts similar to what Ethereum enables but with interesting performance and scalability benefits. […]

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