Binance’s biggest competitor KuCoin Exchange


If you are using Binance exchange, you should checkout KuCoin. As you might know Binance rewards its Neo holders with Gas on a monthly basis, Kucoin does the same thing plus a lot more which is pretty cool for an exchange. KuCoin is probably the biggest competitor to Binance exchange. KuCoin is an international exchange based out of Hong Kong. Kucoin was officially launched on September 15. The trades are as fast and smooth as those in Binance.


The founding team of Kucoin Blockchain Asset Exchange Platform has carried out in-depth research on blockchain technology as early as in 2011 and achieved the technical architecture of Kucoin exchange platform in 2013. The Kucoin team has officially entered the blockchain asset trading service platform in 2017 with the most reliable and extended technical architecture, superior service and better operation strategies to better serve blockchain asset transaction.

Here are some details about what KuCoin has to offer:

KuCoin Shares

The exchange has its own tokens named KuCoin Shares (KCS), similar to the BNB tokens on Binance.

Last Price of KCS in BTC 0.00010450 $0.62 as of this writing. The price will probably be higher when you read this.

Why you should sign up to the KuCoin Exchange:

For example, user Bob holds 10000 KCS in his account on our exchange. In October the average volume of our entire exchange per day is 10000 BTC, according to our current fee rate, the trading fee we collect per day is 20 BTC. So this user will get 20 * 50% * (10000/100000000) = 0.001 BTC per day, 0.03 BTC per month!

  • Pro/TradingView!
  • KuCoin only lists quality coins with teams they believe in

Cryptocurrnecy coins currently listed:


  • By holding NEO on the exchange you earn GAS
  • Mobile App (iOS/Android) in November
  • Will be decentralized in the future with KCS as the fuel
  • Each quarter, KuCoin will buy-back KCS with 10% of profits until 100m KCS is destroyed

Development Plan and Timeline

Oct 2017, Global promotion started.
Nov 2017, Mobile apps (Android, iOS) released.
Dec 2017, Over 50 mainstream cryptocurrency exchange pairs listed, daily exchange volume expected 5,000+ BTC.
Jun 2018, Cryptocurrency exchange pair self-releasing feature available.
Dec 2018, 1,000+ cryptocurrencies list, daily exchange volume expected 100,000+ BTC.
Jun 2019, One of the Top 10 worldwide cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

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