Eye opening presentation on EOS and Delegated Proof of Stake


Every EOS investor needs to see this! Watch Thomas Cox, VP of Product for EOS.IO at block.one and Phil Mesnier, EOS Contributor and Partner at OCI giving an eye opening presentation on EOS and Delegated Proof of Stake on 11/19/17 at IIT Jump to: Thomas Cox Introduction – 0:33 Centralized Technology Platforms; Uber, Facebook, Airbnb – 4:30 Introduction to Decentralized Autonomous […]

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What is Bitcoin mining?


What really is Bitcoin mining?   Bitcoin mining is the means by which new Bitcoin is brought into circulation, the total of which is to be capped at 21 million BTC. Mining is just doing computational work to secure the transaction block chain. A side effect of mining is creation of new coins and earning additional money by signing on transactions. In order […]

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Binance’s biggest competitor KuCoin Exchange


If you are using Binance exchange, you should checkout KuCoin. As you might know Binance rewards its Neo holders with Gas on a monthly basis, Kucoin does the same thing plus a lot more which is pretty cool for an exchange. KuCoin is probably the biggest competitor to Binance exchange. KuCoin is an international exchange based out of Hong Kong. […]

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